UPDATE: England’s new 2020 UMBRO kits have been revealed – check them out here

England Rugby’s brand new Umbro kits have been perhaps the most hotly anticipated new jerseys in recent years since the tie up between the RFU and the English sportswear brand was announced back in May, and now we finally have a date for when we’ll get to see the new gear, and it’s all being done in quite an unconventional manner.

The blurb for the title states that, “Rugby Journal is the first publication to get its hands on the new England Rugby home and away playing kit from Umbro. Three of England’s most talented players: Sarah Bern, Zoe Aldcroft and Jess Breach tell their stories and don the kit for the first time.”

On 7 September 2020, you’ll be able to get a first look at the new England Umbro kits… provided that is you pick up a copy of coffee table rugby tome, The Rugby Journal, which has been granted the exclusive reveal of the new kit in their forthcoming issue 11. In the meantime all we have is the below teaser image, which gives not a lot away…

Of course, we have an idea of where England and Umbro might be going with their new designs – we leaked the first pictures of England players in their Umbro (likely training) stash back in May and last week’s reveal of the crazy Umbro training kit for Bristol has further given us a sense of where they’re heading design-wise.

But we’ll find out for sure on the 7 September, and if you’re keen to be the first to see it, you can preorder a copy of the Rugby Journal here.



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