Scotland have revealed their brand new 2020/21 home and alternate shirts, which have been created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first international rugby match, which was between Scotland and England in Edinburgh in 1871.

As is fitting for any shirt celebrating a 150th anniversary, the home and away shirts are a return to a much more traditional and classic look, with the home shirt returning back to something that’s very similar to the much loved 2013/14 home shirt.

So once again we have a plain blue jersey with classic white collar and sleeve cuffs – the only difference being the inclusion of gold trim on the sleeves and collar placket.

The away shirt returns to being properly white for the first time since 2017/18, with a contrasting dark blue collar and the same gold trim on the home shirt.

To celebrate the significance of the 150th first test anniversary, the SRU has decided that all of its teams will wear the same home jersey for this season, including the Scotland Women’s, age grade and sevens.

The Sevens will be getting a bespoke kit of their own for the 2020/21 season (should it ever happen) – this ‘vibrant raspberry’ design features a blue and white argyle pattern across the front.

Unlike the 15s jerseys, this shirt sports a stub collar, but similar blue trim to that seen on the home jersey.

No news yet as to whether Macron will continue to wear their existing jerseys for the resumed Six Nations fixtures, but it seems likely they’ll join Ireland in donning their new threads at the first opportunity.

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3 thoughts on “NEWS: Scotland’s 2020/21 kits celebrate the first ever international rugby match

  1. Are the SRU / Macron showing off the kit or that lady’s breasts in the 2nd photo??

  2. Why with the gold trim? Just f**k off. Apart from that, it’s perfect. Collar, check. Traditional colours, check. Unobtrusive advertising, check. Dem titties? Added bonus. Check.

  3. Glad to see we’re back to white shorts and (hopefully) blue socks. Away kit looks good as well.


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