Toulouse might have been rediscovering their place as a dominant force in French and European rugby in the last few seasons, but one area where they’ve always been elite, regardless of what was happening on the field, it’s the jerseys – and 2020/21 is no exception.

There’s been nothing but hits since Toulouse got back with their kit supply soul mate Nike, but this season has them kicking it into another gear with what is an early contender for the shirt of the season.

Taking the classic ‘rouge et noir’ Toulouse colour palette the new jersey splashes modernist brush stroke-style slightly diagonal hoops, front and back, giving the design a wonderful classic meets modern vibe, that also nods very subtly to one of our favourite ever Toulouse shirts, the 2012 home.

It undoubtedly also helps that Toulouse don’t seem inclined to turn their jersey into a free ads page, sponsor wise, and while four sponsors is still a lot, they’re at least all placed in a way that feels designed and sensitive to the overall vibe of the jersey.

What do you think of the new Toulouse jersey? Is it the best design of the season? Tell us in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “NEWS: Toulouse’s new 2021 home shirt is predictably stunning


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