Rugby might be on hold for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop releasing new rugby kits now does it? That’s certainly what Connacht have decided as they’ve today revealed their brand new ‘heroes’ jersey.

Now, it’s worth noting that this isn’t a new playing strip for the Irish province, but instead a limited edition shirt that has been produced Connacht to honour the work of frontline heroes in this strange and unprecedented time, with all proceeds from the charity going towards local charities.

The shirt itself is aptly named, with a ‘superhero’ motif across the entirety of the design that is very reminiscent of the now-legendary Connacht ‘Green Lantern’ shirt from 2015.

This shirt doesn’t have the DC license of course, so is more of a generic ‘superhero’ vibe, with the legend ‘Home Advantage’ on the rear of the design, which of course is a nice play on words given most of the world’s current lockdown situation.

The inspiration for the shirt is, according to Connacht, “inspired by Superheroes, reminding us that they are not the only ones who wear capes and is our way of saying thanks to all Superheroes fighting day in, day out to makes the lives of the most vulnerable better.

The charities benefitting from the shirt are ALONE – an Irish charity that  seeks to help elderly people living on their own who may feel isolated and lonely – as well as the Galway and Mayo/Roscommon Hospices.

To preorder this jersey for yourself, head to



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