As news of England’s long-anticipated kit deal with Umbro was finally confirmed this morning, leaked images started circulating on social media of what appears to be the first Umbro-branded England gear being worn by two of the team’s biggest young stars.

The image in question (shown in full below) shows England flankers Sam Underhill and Tom Curry wearing England kit bearing the Umbro logo, which are believed to have come from a quickly-deleted Instagram story post.

The kit in question is striking, with a white and grey ‘shattered glass’ pattern with the famous red rose on the left and and Umbro’s logo on the right.

It seems unlikely that this is actually the new England on-field kit – a brand going for such a striking look straight out of the gate would be a bold and polarising move, and seems to fly in the face of the retro kit stylings that rejuvenated Umbro’s reputation in soccer.

It’s been known that England players have been testing Umbro kit behind closed doors in recent months in preparation for the brand taking over, and it seems likely that this is either a ‘testing’ jersey, or some training kit – something that the use of the brand’s famous 90s ‘Pro Training’ logo would back up.

Whatever this shirt is, it still gives us an interesting insight into what Umbro is planning with England’s future kit – the clean, simple round-neck collar, the fusing of retro and modern sensibilities, and of course the use of grey as well as white.

We’ll know for sure when Umbro reveals England’s new kit later on this year – though as yet no date has been confirmed for the launch.

What do you think of this first glimpse at Umbro’s England gear, England fans? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below…


7 thoughts on “REVEALED: Is this the first look at England’s new Umbro kit?

  1. Honestly? My gut feeling is I can save money for the next 4 years and not but any of it. Zero faith in Umbro as a brand in terms of quality or design. Happy to be proved wrong but I’ll be mightily surprised. Would love to find out who else bid for the job, as I’m staggered that neither UA, Nike, Adidas, nor Canterbury got it.
    Really glad I bought a new Canterbury England shirt this week!

  2. Terrible, England rugby kit should be white and white only with an embroidered rose not a stuck on ironed on version
    Hope they cater for the larger fan as well Canterbury was a great brand but sizing was very difficult

  3. England rugby should wear white. WTF is grey doing in there! Purple was bad enough stop mucking around!

  4. I think that top is vile and disgusting and don’t like it one bit! It’s like putting pink stars on the All blacks, it just doesn’t suit or go well! Let’s hope Umbro sees sense and England keeps to its traditional home kit colours. I wouldn’t buy that grey top!

  5. What on earth is that a 3rd alternative strip surely, white and white only for home shirt, that looks very poor and cheap


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