The Brumbies have become the latest team to reveal their brand new jerseys that the team will wear throughout their 2020 Super Rugby campaign, and for their second year with O’Neills they’ve not exactly broken the mould…

The Brumbies home jersey design is a classic and very specific one, but there’s been an extremely minimal bit of tweaking done for 2020 compared to last season. Gone are the thick gold bars on the sleeves, and the white pinstripes under the arms are gold instead of white now and… er… yeah.

The away shirt is at least a little bit different to what they had last season, with the dark blue design swapped for a gold and blue number with an interesting blocky pattern across the front.

Check out all the new Super Rugby 2020 jerseys in our full round-up here.


One thought on “NEWS: Brumbies Rugby reveal Super Rugby 2020 jerseys

  1. Just move the sponsor down 20/ 30cm on the home shirt so the gold lines accross the front are not broken up, especially when the sponsor surround is white too!!!

    Would beca classic Brumbies shirt otherwise


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