With the Dubai Sevens this weekend, the World Rugby Sevens Series kicked off once again for the 2019/20 season, and with it comes a cavalcade of new (well mostly new) jerseys for us to get our heads around.

Here’s a round up of all the primary jerseys for all 15 core teams on the circuit for this season…


If it ain’t broke for the Los Pumas Sevens team, and frankly who can blame them? Argentina’s blue and white stripes are an absolute classic, and Nike has been keeping it clean and simple for some time now.


The Aussie 7s will be wearing a pretty cool if slightly rugby league-vibed jersey for 2019/20, with the canary yellow base jersey paired with a green chevron across the midriff and a green and yellow pattern across the bottom of the design.


Canada will be wearing the same Sevens jerseys that they’ve been donning since they signed up with Canterbury back in 2018, with an interesting tonal pattern made up of maple leaves.


England don’t usually reveal their new Sevens jersey until the London leg of the series, but they didn’t do that last season, keeping the same jersey they’ve been wearing since 2018. With a rumoured switch to Umbro impending it seems likely that we won’t see a new kit until that happens.


Fiji will continue wearing ISC in 2019/20, and their jersey for this season once again heavily features the traditional tapa pattern. It’s emphasised this time more than ever, and that’s no bad thing as the design is wonderfully unique and striking.


The second crack at a France Sevens jersey for Le Coq Sportif sees them once again going heavy on the ‘7’ motif on the front of the design, this time with cut-out white and red segments forming the number.


Ireland qualified as a core team on the World Rugby Sevens circuit for the first time ever this season, and they’ve celebrated this with a brand new jersey, with an interesting semi-camo pattern across the front of the design.


In a weird twist, Kenya wore their old Samurai kit for the Dubai press day but were wearing a striking new design from BLK for the tournament itself – the jersey ditched the traditional red-heavy approach for a black and white number.

New Zealand

The All Blacks are still in the same jersey they wore last season, which debuted at the World Cup Sevens in San Diego. The shirt is all black, of course, but with an interesting sublimated pattern on closer inspection.


The Samoans got back with BLK last season, and with more of a run-up this year, the brand has brought something much more interesting, with a chevron pattern, tribal art on the sides and red shoulder panels.


An interesting new design for Scotland in 2019, with the blue base jersey accented by purple on the sleeves and an interesting argyle pattern across the bottom third of the front section. They do know they’re not playing golf, right?

South Africa

The reigning Sevens Series champs have a new set of jerseys this season, which both borrow from the design used by the newly crowned Rugby World Cup winners. The Blitzboks home shirt has a subtle South African flag motif, while the away kit is… not at all subtle.


Minnows of the global game Spain might be, but they’re a core team in the Sevens Series for 2019/20, and that means they’ll be gracing more events with their wonderfully retro Joma jersey, complete with big 70s-style collar.


The USA are wearing a brand new jersey for the 2019/20 series, which still is very similar to the ‘interim’ design they donned after signing with Canterbury at the end of last season. This time we have a nice blue and red pinstriped section on the sleeves and a red pinstripe on the collar.


For 2019/20, the WRU has opted to replace its bespoke Sevens jersey with a ‘pathway’ design, which is also worn by all age-grade Wales teams. The design is very classic asides from a diamond pattern across the front and back of the jersey itself.


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      1. Yes I was surprised as well. You also noticed that NSW have switched from CCC to Blades ?


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