NEWS: Crusaders reveal 2020 home jersey with interim logo

Hot on the heels of unveiling their polarising new logo on Friday, the Crusaders have revealed their brand new home jersey, which is notable for several reasons, most notably the absence of that new crest.

We surmised from the Crusaders’ statement at launch that the new logo wasn’t finalised in time to be used the new jersey designs, but what we didn’t expect was that the new shirts would in fact carry another new logo – albeit this is clearly an interim one.

Presumably in response to the sensitivities regarding the associations of the Crusaders name, as a temporary fix the club has decided to drop the medieval knight that has long been part of the logo, leaving just the simple wordmark.

The old logo was never the best, and it’s certainly cleaner without the knight, though it demonstrates exactly why the Crusaders felt the need to totally overhaul the branding – it’s extremely beige as it is.

The shirt itself, however, is certainly more interesting than many jerseys out there, with a striking triangle-based pattern that runs across both the front and back of the jersey, with the pattern turning black in places on the back.

The triangles themselves are apparently designed to represent the Southern Alps mountains, which form the backbone of the Canterbury region, while the jersey also sees the debut of the team’s new main sponsor, Hyundai.

Keep an eye on Rugby Shirt Watch for all the new Super Rugby jersey news as it happens.


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