Ahead of the Dubai 7s, the Blitzboks have revealed the jerseys that they’ll wear as they prepare to mount another challenge on the World Series crown.

The primary jersey is very similar to the Springboks RWC2019 jersey, including the very distinctive collar, but the body of the jersey has a prominent tonal depiction only the South African flag.

The real talking point, however, is the alternate jersey, which is just… well just look at the damn thing!

If the home shirt featured a quite subtle nod to the SA flag, the change design throws subtle in the bin and sets it on fire. It’s absolutely gloriously, memorably insane, which is exactly what we want from a Sevens jersey thank you very much.

The Blitzboks will wear their new jerseys for the first time at the Dubai 7s tournament.

One thought on “The new Blitzboks 2020 jerseys are absolutely bananas

  1. These are so good. Still not a fan of the collar but both jerseys hold their own, especially being able to incorporate the national flag as it’s always seems a challenge for national teams. The asics logo appears to of grown again.


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