The Blue Bulls have revealed the brand new jerseys that they’ll wear throughout the 2020 Super Rugby season, and have also revealed an overhauled team crest.

The home shirt is an… interesting… dark and light blue pattern that has something of the bovine about it, while the Marvel Hero jersey is once again Captain America-themed and is a bit more ‘cartoony’ than last season.

The new crest blends the horns of the recent Blue Bulls logo with the Berberton Daisy logo of the old Northern Transvaal – a sensible compromise between the new and the old.

Keep an eye on Rugby Shirt Watch for all the latest 2020 Super Rugby jersey releases as they appear.


One thought on “NEWS: Vodacom Bulls reveal 2020 Super Rugby jerseys

  1. That home jersey makes me want to vomit in Ivan van Zyl’s eyes. Kakkest one of the lot.


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