The Sharks have revealed two of the jerseys that the team will be wearing for the forthcoming 2020 Super Rugby season.

The new all-white away shirt is once again produced by Canterbury and ditches the ‘ripped abs’ pattern of last season in favour of a collage of faces that’s mercifully more subtle than it could be.

The other jersey launched is this year’s Marvel Super Hero jersey – again the Sharks are sticking with Black Panther as their inspiration for this shirt, and it’s a very slight tweak on the shirt they wore last season.

It’s not known yet if and when the new Sharks home shirt will be released, but keep an eye on Rugby Shirt Watch for all the news when it happens.


One thought on “NEWS: Cell-C Sharks launch 2020 Super Rugby jerseys

  1. The away kit would have been inoffensive (at best) but then a great big ADT bird shat on those oke’s shoulders and then it all went to shit.


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