The Glendale Raptors have announced that they will rebrand the team for the 2020 Major League Rugby season, becoming the Colorado Raptors, with an updated new logo too match – the club has also revealed its new home jersey.

The Raptors were founded all the way back in 2007, and are one of the few clubs that transitioned from the pre-MLR days (the other being the Utah Warriors) into the new professional structure.

As part of the rebrand, the club also revealed a striking new home jersey design, which features a blue base jersey with red pinstripes, and a bold representation of the flag of Colorado across the front.

Given that Glendale is a small suburb of Denver, it makes sense that the new branding represents the whole state, and so the team going heavy on the Colorado-ness of it makes sense, though it does look a little like a sponsor.

This is the first new Paladin Sports jersey that we’ve actually seen in the flesh, with the rest of the MLR following suit shortly.



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