The Guinness Pro14 continues to be a showcase of some of the biggest stars in world rugby, and thanks to the five different nations and cultures involved in the competition, it also features some of the more diverse and interesting jerseys.

Here’s all the brand new 2019/20 jerseys that the Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Italian and South African teams will be wearing for the forthcoming season:


Treviso made the foolish move of trying to break from their classic green and white hoops last season, and the home shirt sensibly returns to the classic with an interesting ‘woven’ twist.

The away shirt, on the other hand, has an interesting pattern that is designed to pay tribute to the ‘United Colours’ motif of the Benetton brand.


The Blues switched to Macron last season and debuted a hooped design very similar to their old Canterbury home shirt.

For 2019/20, they’ve gone for a more original option, with the dark blue body accented with a light blue segment around the shoulders and sleeves, and a classic dark blue collar.


The newly crowned Currie Cup winners will kick back into Pro14 action in just a few weeks, but they’ll be doing a quick kit change.

In the Currie Cup they’ve been wearing plain white and orange jerseys, but they’ll understandably be stick with the lovely orange and white hoops they wore last season next season in the Pro14.


Connacht are once again with BLK this season, and they’ve gone for a striking take on their classic green jersey for 2019/20.

The shirt features various tonal stripes and pinstripes with lime green accents, and also a brand new crest for the province.


The Dragons have decided to put a different spin on things for their kits for 2019/20 jerseys, which are once again made by VX3.

The monochrome shirts feature a black and silver home shirt and a blue and gold away, with the latter sporting a twist on the flag of the Kingdom of Monmouth.


The second year of Edinburgh’s striking rebrand has seen the club understandably stick close to the formula for 2019/20.

The new home shirt is dark blue with white and orange pinstripes, while the away shirt has the same on a white base design. Both shirts also feature a nice proper collar.


The 2018/19 Pro14 finalists have a brand new club crest for the new season, and so it’s perhaps understandable that they’re keeping things very simple otherwise for 2019/20.

The new home shirt is black with grey sleeves and blue trim, while the alternate hooped blue and white design has much more subtle blue bits to avoid some of the awkward kit clashes from last year.


Year two in Adidas for the Pro14 champions, and the men from Dublin are sticking with last season’s home shirt for the forthcoming season.

What we do have this year is a brand new dark purple away jersey with tonal pinstripes that, it must be said, is very fetching.


Munster signed a long-term extension to their Adidas kit deal this summer, and have welcomed it with a pair of brand new jerseys for 2019/20.

The home shirt is a classic red with unusual vertical pinstripes, while the dark blue away jersey is a variation on the theme.


Ospreys are keeping last season’s white and black home shirt for 2019/20, albeit with the addition of new main sponsor Protecht, but we do have a new alternate design.

The away shirt has a ‘DNA’ theme with dark blue sleeves and white and flouro yellow accents – it’s also the first Ospreys shirt to sport the club badge without the team name below it.


The Scarlets made themselves very few friends with their Clipart disaster of a 2018/19 away shirt, and the new one isn’t likely to do much to repair that.

The grey, blue, red and yellow… thing… is certainly memorable, but not exactly crowd-pleasing, while the inoffensive home shirt is once again let down by its Olympic-level sponsor grabbing.


The Kings junior teams have been wearing a different jersey (above) to their senior colleagues this season, but the first team has been donning the same design as last season for their preseason matchups.

We imagine that they’ll end up wearing the latter again for the commencement of the Pro14 season, though we think the former is a bit better looking.


Ulster don’t change their jerseys very often, and when they do they don’t change them a lot, and so it’s no surprise that their first new designs since 2017 aren’t exactly breaking from tradition.

The new home shirt is white with a pinstriped motif on the front, while the away is a simple black design.


As suspected the 2019/20 jerseys for Zebre carry on the club’s love affair with the rainbow zebra stripe pattern that they’ve worn on their shirts for the last few seasons.

This time it’s on the side panels of both the home shirt and the Italy-themed blue away shirt.



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