The 2018/19 Gallagher Premiership season saw some shirts both brilliant and bonkers, and while most rugby fans’ attentions are firmly focussed on the Rugby World Cup, the English clubs are still cranking out plenty of interesting new jerseys for the season ahead.

Let’s check out all the new jerseys that the Premiership Clubs will be wearing throughout the 2018/19 season.


Bath have revealed a frankly stunning new away shirt that’s a tribute to the club’s much-loved 1996/97 gold away design

Bath generally work on a two-year cycle with home shirts so last season’s home shirt will continue for 2019/20.


Year two for Bristol as the Bears, and this time around they’re emphasising the red part of their new colour scheme even more on a home shirt that features a striking diagonal pattern.

The away is perhaps even nicer, with the plain white shirt accented with a solid Bristol blue band running across the front of the chest.


Gloucester have a new kit sponsor for 2019/20, with the company who previously held the UK license for XBlades no longer having it, they’ve created a new brand Oxen, to replace it.

Design-wise, the home shirt throws back to the 80s and early 90s, why the away shirt is light blue, with dark blue pinstripes.


Quins are keeping last season’s grey, black and green away shirt for 2019/20, so there’s just the one new jersey for this year, and that’s the home.

And it’s pretty classic with the textbook Quins quarters, over the shoulder stripes, a low-profile collar and an interesting diamond pattern on the

Leicester TIgers

Leicester are throwing back to the 90s with their 2019/20 home shirt, which borrows the thin double hoops popular in that era.

The away shirt is all-red with an interesting dark red and white pinstriped pattern running across the middle.


Irish are back in the Premiership after getting relegated in 2018, and they’ll be wearing BLK gear for their return to the top flight, after a few years of wearing XBlades gear.

The new kits are classic green and white with red accents, with a prominent contrasting bar that runs through the middle of the design.

Northampton Saints

Saints will be wearing for another season this year, though the brand has introduced a nicer and more streamlined logo for 2019/20.

Their new home kit is a nod to the club’s 1999/2000 Heineken Cup team, with the jersey having various nods to that design.


The Sharks are once again with Samurai Sports for 2019/20, and have revealed brand new home and European shirts to go with the same red away kit from last year.

The home shirt sees a partial return of hoops, with a pinstriped pattern at the bottom of the design, while the cup jersey has an interesting pattern on a white base design.


Saracens are keeping things clean and classic for their defence of the Premiership title, with their jersey once again being made by Nike.

Both black home and red away kits have a diagonal tonal hooped pattern, with a classy contrasting v-neck collar.


Wasps have a new main sponsor in the shape of Vodafone this season, but they’re sticking with Under Armour as the kit supplier.

The home shirt is a classic black design while the away is a rather lovely gold – both shirts have a nice gold and black chevron pattern on the shoulders.


Worcester are spending a second year with Lovell Rugby-owned brand VX3 and their new jerseys have gone down very well with fans.

The home and away shirts are dark blue and white respectively with a solid band down the front, while the cup shirt is black with an orange and blue block pattern.


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    1. Hi Tom, a few years back we made the decision that, with regret, we would no longer feature Exeter on RSW.

      The Chiefs are a model club in many ways, with great fans who we have a huge amount of respect for, but given the growing controversy surrounding Exeter’s use of Native American imagery in its branding, we became uncomfortable continuing to promote it.

      We sincerely hope that the club enacts changes in the way it engages with these aspects of its branding, and we’ll be delighted to feature Exeter again if and when that happens.


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