Montpellier Herault have revealed their brand new 2019/20 jerseys from Kappa, which the club will wear throughout the new Top 14 season, and it’s all change down on the Med…

In contrast to the club’s traditional dark blue jerseys with light blue trim, the new home shirt flips the script colour-wise for a striking new primary design.

The white change shirt is designed to reflect the ‘modern beauty’ of the city of Montpellier with the clean, modern geometric pattern. Even more eye-catching still is the new third shirt, which is a bright orange that is designed to evoke the centre of the cistus flower seen on Montpellier’s crest.

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One thought on “NEWS: Montpellier Herault Rugby reveal 2019 jerseys

  1. The third (orange and blue) shirt is a nod to Montpellier sport teams, especially the football team (MHSC) and the handball team (MHB).


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