USA Rugby has revealed the first fruits of their newly announced partnership with Canterbury, in the shape of new Men’s and Women’s Sevens jerseys that they’ll wear at the Hong Kong Sevens for the first time.

The jersey, which is being billed as an ‘interim’ design until the final jerseys are ready, replaces the controversial Adidas designs that the USA Rugby teams have been wearing since 2017, but which were controversially ditched by the Men’s Sevens team from the 2018 Las Vegas Sevens, including the Rugby World Cup Sevens and through to the end of the 2018 season.

Canterbury will certainly be hoping that they don’t make the headlines with their new USA Rugby kits, and on evidence of this interim Sevens shirt, they’ve understandably kept things very simple – the plain white shirt is accented by a pair of thin hoops on the sleeve and blue strengthening tape around the 2017/18 CCC collar.

The shirt is notable for also revealing USA Rugby’s new main sponsor – global assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services company Ernst & Young, which replaces long term sponsor Fly Emirates.

Both the Men’s and Women’s Sevens teams will wear their new 2019 for the first time at this weekend’s Hong Kong Sevens 2019 tournament, which begins on 5 April 2019.


5 thoughts on “NEWS: USA Rugby 7s reveal 2019 Canterbury jersey, new main sponsor

  1. Where are the stars and stripes? Hopefully these elements are finer details in some capacity on closer inspection.

    1. As an American, I dislike the overly patriotic nonsense that usually adorns our rugby kits. The star spangled spew needs to be a subtle as possible to not become a redhat’s wet dream come true.

      1. Fully agree on the mutilation of the flag on kit. MLB is the worst offender year in and out, but the overly ornate Stars and Stripes that have been cropping up on the rugby kit is awful US Flag Code Section 8J states:No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform. Pretty clear….

    1. Agreed on the flag mutilation kits I’ve seen.

      But I also dislike the basic kits. This is boring, but I understand it as a place-holder until the “real” kits. I have no problem with using stars and stripes in a tasteful way. But…let’s have some fun with the kits.


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