The Queensland Reds have been working on rebuilding their once title-winning team back to something competitive for a few years now. Part of that rebuild was supposed to be a kit deal with up and coming apparel brand Zoo Sport.

Somehow, that ‘long-term’ deal only seems to have lasted one year, and stage two of the Reds rebuild will be done in the threads of another newish brand, Dynasty Sport, who also supply various NPC teams in their native New Zealand.

And from the look of Dynasty’s first attempt at the Reds home shirt, this might end up being an interesting and fruitful sort of partnership after all. The colour, for one thing, sees a return of the classic maroon of Queensland, which hasn’t been seen as a primary colour in many years.

That’s paired with a nice splash of midnight blue on the sleeve cuffs and back of the neck, and the collar is a nice V’d design, too.

It’s not even in the ‘so classic it’s dull category’ thanks to a subtle sublimated pattern on the front of the shirt adding a modern vibe to proceedings.

All in all, it’s pretty much what you’d want as a fan of the classic Queensland look, getting them back to maroon in the most tasteful way possible.

Things go equally well with the away jersey, which builds on what was a slightly unsatisfactory design from last season.

In 2018, the away shirt was white with a solid blue panel on the front of the chest and red accents, but by switching up the colours this year they’ve definitely enhanced matters.

The maroon panel and sleeve cuffs look really good, and the use of the blue actually ties in better as an accent colour with the darker shade of red than the flipped selection did last year.

The design also gives greater prominence to the sublimated tonal pattern on the front, which adds further interest.

It’s not often that we can say a brand nails its first two attempts at a team’s jersey, especially when its a kit supplier stepping up to the top flight for the first time.

But Dynasty Sport has pretty much nailed it here – the decision to put the reds back in maroon is long overdue and works fantastically well here, while the tweaked away design looks better overall too. A really solid job.



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