The much-anticipated Marvel Superhero jerseys for the four South African Super Rugby franchises have been revealed today, with the Stormers, Sharks, Lions and Bulls all getting one-off shirts that will be worn on ‘Superhero Sunday’ this year. 

The Sharks shirt Black Panther inspired, with the distinctive ‘Panther claw’ necklace pattern running around the collarbone of the design. 

The Stormers, appropriately will be dressing like Thor for the event, while the Bulls are donning a Captain America-inspired design, complete with slightly unnecessary fake straps and belt. 

The Lions could have gone Iron Man given their red and white colour palette, but instead they’ve opted for Spider-Man, which throws a bit of blue into the mix. 

These Marvel Superhero jerseys will be worn for the ‘Superhero Sunday’ event which will take place on 3 February 2019.


One thought on “NEWS: Bulls, Stormers, Sharks & Lions reveal Marvel Superhero jerseys

  1. Maybe it is just me, but any team not from the USA dressing as Capt. America seems kinda silly.


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