The Jaguares have revealed the brand new Nike home and away shirts that they’ll wear for the 2019 Super Rugby season, which showcases a striking new look as well as a brand new logo for the team…

The shirts break with the relatively plain black home and orange away designs of the past with striking graphics around the top of the design – the home with a bright orange jungle fern motif around the shoulders, while the away shirt features a black to orange fade around the shoulders and jaguar print pattern across the chest. 

Perhaps most notable however is the new Jaguares logo, which replaces the original logo with something much more modern and clean, removing the wordmark entirely from the jersey itself. In exciting news, the new jerseys are also expected to be available in Europe for the first time – something European fans have been crying out for since the Jaguares have existed.

The Jaguares will wear their new jerseys for the first time when they take on the Lions in the first round of Super Rugby season on 16 February 2019. Keep an eye on Rugby Shirt Watch for our review of the new Jaguares shirt soon, and in the mean time check out all the new Super Rugby 2019 jerseys here

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