While it hasn’t been officially announced yet, it’s been rumoured for some time now that the Stormers will be getting a kit supplier again for the 2019 Super Rugby season, and we think that we’ve deduced that Aussie brand BLK Sport is the supplier in question. 

How do we know this? Well, it seems that the Stormers themselves have let the cat out of the bag – watch the video from their Twitter feed below at the 10-second mark: 

Did you see it? Well in case you missed it, check out the rather grainy screengrab that we pulled out of the video below: 

Yup, that is 100% a BLK-branded Stormers singlet – and if you look closely in the rest of the video you’ll see various other bits of BLK-branded Stormers stuff. 

So there we have it – the cat is out of the bag, and while BLK’s reputation isn’t exactly flying high after its high profile near-collapse a few years back, such was the general hatred of last season’s in-house gear, we’re sure that fans will be really excited to see what the brand does with the Stormers gear – we certainly are. 


2 thoughts on “NEWS: The Stormers new 2019 kit supplier is BLK Sport

  1. They’ve been repeatedly posting photos and videos of their players in BLK gear – if the Stormers were bothered about keeping it under wraps then it’s fair game.


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