It’s safe to say that for the last few years, Italy’s home jerseys have been some of the best looking in test rugby, but the Azzuri’s alternate jerseys have generally been a little bit bland and underwhelming. 

With Italy’s 2017/18 home shirt yet to be revealed, what we can see from this away shirt is that Macron has opted to make the change shirt a little bit different to the norm.


So what we have here is the usual white change jersey of course, but with the red and green of the Italian flag represented by rather fetching pinstripes running across the front and back of the design, as well as on the sleeve.

To nod to the home shirt we also have a ring of Azzuri blue around the collar itself, and to be honest this is where things start to get a little weird…


Yes, that collar. The latest in what seems to be an inexhaustible supply of collar options for Macron jerseys this year is certainly the weirdest. With its mandarin-style collar plus wingtips on the front, it’s a little bit like the 2017 Lions shirt collar… but that looked quite cool and classic… this one looks a little like anyone wearing it should either be serving drinks or taking their clothes off.

It’s a shame, because this is actually a very nice, very clean, very classic jersey design – it’s just a pity that the collar rather ruins the whole package.



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