When Leinster fans found out that their province was breaking their decades-long relationship with Canterbury and signing up with a global A-list brand like Adidas, they surely knew that change would be afoot, but perhaps some of them never really appreciated how much. 

Indeed, judging by the responses we’ve seen, the European champions’ new home and away shirts have been polarising to say the least – with some fans bemoaning the break with tradition, while others enjoying the fresh take.


Quite what the former are going to make of the brand new Leinster European jersey, then, we dread to think – because this is a Leinster shirt that doesn’t even use the province’s trademark shade of blue, opting for a darker shade they’re dubbing ‘Night Navy’.

It’s not the first time Leinster have deviated from the classic royal blue as the primary colour of course – indeed it’s not gone too badly for them when they have – but this still feels like a departure.


There’s plenty of respect for the history of Leinster in this jersey however, and that can be found in the light blue pinstriped pattern that runs down the body of the design. This is in fact the names of the 12 counties of Leinster written in the old Irish alphabet, ogham – a clever, great looking and really nice touch.

Even though it’s a blue shirt with a harp on it, there’s something about this design that doesn’t feel quite ‘Leinster’ in the traditional sense – maybe it’s that odd shade of blue, maybe its the much maligned lack of any gold or white in the mix.

Regardless, however, this is a really, really lovely jersey, with a unique and interesting design that quite literally has Leinster running through the fabric of it. It might not be the most conventional design, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a classic.



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