Italy Rugby have revealed their brand new alternate shirt, which the Azzuri will be wearing throughout their 2018/19 international campaign. 

The new shirt is white with green and red pinstripes, complete with sky blue shorts and a sky blue ring around the collar.

Most interestingly, perhaps, the shirt also features a frankly bizarre wing-style collar, very much akin to the sort of collar you’d wear alongside a dinner jacket for a fancy formal do…

Keep an eye on Rugby Shirt Watch for our full review of the new 2018/19 Italy alternate shirt from Macron.

One thought on “NEWS: Italy Rugby reveal 2018/19 Macron alternate shirt

  1. This shirt reminds me of the white shirt with the red and green hoops worn by the non-test Italy XV teams in the 1990s
    (like the one worn by Italy XV against Wales in 1992, at the Arms Park)


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