The IRFU have revealed the brand new Ireland home and alternate jerseys from Canterbury that the 2018 Six Nations champions will wear throughout their 2018/19 international campaign. 

Both the home and away shirts share the same basic pattern, which incorporates a series of interlocking tonal triangles that cover the front and back of the green home shirt and ‘Moroccan blue’ change.


The pattern is a scaled down version of what we saw on the new training gear that was revealed in July, which we correctly predicted would be reflected on the on-field jerseys.

Keep an eye on Rugby Shirt Watch for our full review of the new Ireland home and alternate jerseys from Canterbury very soon.


One thought on “NEWS: Ireland Rugby reveal 2018/19 Canterbury Home & Alternate Shirts

  1. hideous, the pair of them. The one with the stub collar from 2 seasons ago was perfect. Why they keep messing about with strange new designs and awful away jerseys is beyond me.(i know, they want to sell more merchandise)


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