The recipe for the  Ospreys’ home and away jerseys over the last decade or so has been pretty simple – all black for the home, all white for the away – but with the home shirt mixing things up a bit, it makes sense that for the first time ever, the away shirt is doing likewise. 

So instead of white the away shirt’s primary colour this season is a striking shade of electric blue, which was used in very small amounts on the home shirt (but heavily on the away design).


Other than that, the shirt is basically the same as the home jersey, including the same white sleeves and the same striking pinstriped pattern that covers the front and back of the design.

It’s an interesting quirk that asides from the region called the Blues, obviously, all three other Welsh regions have opted for blue or heavily away jerseys this year. There’s no doubt in our minds which one’s the best however – just like the home shirt, this Ospreys away is unique, fresh and very cool.



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