While their rivals down the M8 are busy totally overhauling their entire visual identity with volcanic rocks and castle turrets, Glasgow seem perfectly happy with their Warriors branding, thank you very much, despite that leading to some kits that are rather, well, dull

For 2018/19 then, the Warriors certainly haven’t torn up the rule book with their home shirt, but they’ve at least tried to add a bit of interest to the warriors design with a prominent tartan pattern across the chest area.


The tartan pattern is echoed on the back of the jersey, as well as on the sleeve cuffs and the new collar placket. It’s all in all quite a nice shirt, with one fatal flaw – the tartan on the front might be workable with no sponsor, but the ugly green box of Glasgow’s main sponsor logo not only clashes with the tartan, it makes the front of the design look a bit of a mess.

It’s a bit of a shame, really, as if you took that tartan band around the midriff off, it would be a plain but rather nice design, particularly with the modern twist on an old-school collar.


Thankfully, despite trying its damnedest, that ugly main sponsor logo can’t ruin the away shirt like it did with the home shirt – and that’s because the change jersey is so very lovely indeed.

Glasgow haven’t had a sky blue away jersey since the Canterbury era, but we think it’s a long-overdue return to the club’s traditional change shade, and they’ve done it in such style with the white and blue hoops accented with black pinstripes.


The skinny hoops look absolutely great, and they work really well in tandem with the white collar and piping. The less said about the ‘Whatever It Takes’ legend on the back of the collar the better, however.

The home shirt is a bit of a mess then, but the away shirt is absolutely lovely – a lovely fusion of the classic and modern that would probably get a gold award with a different sponsor, but is still one of the nicest designs of the season regardless.


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