It’s probably not being too harsh to say that Edinburgh have had a mixed track record with kits over the last few years – from the sublime to the dull to the… well… ridiculous. But it’s a new dawn for Edinburgh, haven’t you heard, and with that comes a whole new ballgame on the kit front. 

The total rebrand of the Edinburgh that was revealed a few months ago not only changed the club’s crest, but the colours as well – the black and red has been replaced with dark blue, orange and white, and it’s in clear evidence on this home shirt.


So we have a rather fetching dark blue base jersey complete with matching polo-style collar, plus white trim around the bottom and sleeve cuffs. Most strikingly, we also have an orange collar placket, and a orange ‘pixel’ graphic that emanates from the bottom of the design.

The undulating, uneven pattern is apparently designed to represent volcanic lava, which is a not to the volcanic rock from which the bedrock beneath the city of Edinburgh is formed.


Is it a bit silly? Probably. Has it been thought through to a much more detailed degree than many Edinburgh kits past – absolutely. We’re also huge fans of the combination of dark blue and orange as a colour palette.

As a statement of intent for the new era from Edinburgh, this is bold and impressive – it’s modern and dynamic, without feeling too tacky, and does a great job of establishing their new identity and hope for better things.



One thought on “Review: Edinburgh Rugby 2018/19 Macron Home Shirt

  1. I’m still not a fan of that new home improvement store badge, but I like the bold look of the shirt. It’s so much better than the previous chain-mail looks. Blech.


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