It’s been four years since Wasps signed up with US sportswear giant Under Armour for their kit needs, and while fans have no doubt enjoyed the prestige associated with their club wearing the logo of a major brand, there’s been a bit of tension there. 

A common complaint laid at the door of Under Armour has been that its designs are too heavily templated and inflexible. Last year’s 150th anniversary jerseys were a step in the right direction, but every year we’d see fans say the same thing – we want hoops!

And 2018/19 has seen them deliver – at least in part. The new home shirt is primarily black as usual, but with fan-pleasing gold hoops of decreasing thinness emanating from the bottom of the design.


The away shirt adopts the same motif as the home but with white as the base, but without the gold yoke across the shoulder, instead adding some black accents on the sleeve cuffs and collar.

It’s not the traditional hooped shirts that fans might have been asking for – but this is Under Armour after all. The Maryland brand doesn’t really do traditional, and this very modern twist on the hoops is probably the closest Wasps are going to get outside of the youth team shirts.

And that’s no bad thing at all – while the double Land Rover logo is eye-rollingly rubbish, the design itself is a nice mix of the traditional Wasps hoops with something a bit modern and different.




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