The Western Force have been rather under the radar since the Perth-based team was dumped from Super Rugby at the end of last season, but bankrolled by eccentric billionaire Andrew Forrest, they refused to go quietly – playing exhibition games this year, followed by their planned entry into the new Indo-Pacific Rugby Championship next season.

For the bulk of their games since they went it alone, the Force have been wearing a BLK design that’s near-identical to the uninspiring fare that they donned in their final Super Rugby years, but for their upcoming match against Samoa, they’ll be wearing a cool, one-off Indigenous jersey that’s much more interesting.

The shirt, which is designed by world-renowned artist Peter Farmer, features the Force’s classic black swan, and is designed to represent the notion of family that is unsurprisingly at the heart of the embattled but reborn team – both the notion of the team as a family, and the idea of the wider Force family that has ensured the team’s survival, and supported their ambitions to create a new strand of pro rugby in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Force will wear this jersey for their World Series Rugby match against Samoa on 14 July at NIB Stadium.





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