One of the interesting things about Major League Rugby is the way the new pro league is bringing rugby to areas that have not traditionally been hotbeds of the sport in the USA, and one such example is the Salt Lake City-based Utah Warriors. 

Despite rugby in the USA being normally associated with the coasts, Utah is actually a hotbed of rugby participation in the States – alongside Colorado and New England, Utah has the largest number of rugby players per person than anywhere else in the country.


The presence of the Warriors (who previously existed as a team in the short-lived Rugby Super League back in 2011) in MLR makes all the sense in the world, then – and their XBlades jersey is a subtle but interesting one.

Adopting the black, red and white colours of the University of Utah, the shirt has a sublimated tonal version of the Warriors’ striking logo dominating the body, with red stripes that echo the lines on the face on each sleeve.

It’s subtle and quite original, though it does feel a little bland, we have to say – all in all, however, a solid first effort.



One thought on “Utah Warriors MLR 2018 XBlades Home Shirt

  1. It’s an interesting one with a slight rugby league feel rather than union. Although bland once you add logos you’d think it’d look pretty good and wouldn’t overload you/clash with the design.


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