Union Bordeaux Bègles have revealed their final new 2018 jersey from Canterbury of New Zealand, in the shape of a brand new away shirt, which is dubbed the ‘city’ jersey. 

The partnership between Canterbury and Union Bordeaux Bègles was one of the most exciting kit developments of this offseason, and it’s safe to say that the jerseys that have been born of this team-up haven’t disappointed.

First we had the lovely Heritage shirt, followed up by the home ‘Atlantique’ design last week, and here we have the final entry – an away shirt dubbed ‘City’ that takes a base white jersey and cleverly uses hashed blue and red pinstripes to form a very subtle chevron in the traditional place.

Keep an eye on Rugby Shirt Watch for full reviews of all the 2018/19 Union Bordeaux Bègles jerseys from Canterbury.



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