The annual partnership between ISC and Marvel Comics has become one of the most talked about events in rugby, and we got a double helping last season when the concept moved up north, with both NRL and Super League teams donning Marvel Heroes jerseys in 2017.  For 2018, however, things are going to be a bit different… Last season a whopping nine NRL and five Super League teams got Marvel Heroes jerseys, and there was a sense from some that maybe the concept was getting a bit tired – especially as the Super League jerseys were essentially identical to the equivalent NRL design.


So this season, not only are the Super League teams getting the first bite of the cherry, we don’t even know if the NRL is bringing the concept back again – there’s no news yet.

There are also fewer teams donning the jerseys for their Super League Magic Weekend, with Hull FC, Leeds Rhinos, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats and Warrington Wolves being the only participants this time around.


All four shirts share a common basic concept, too – but it’s one that’s very different to previous iterations of the ISC Marvel Heroes concept. Rather than making the jersey look like a literal superhero suit, as has been the way they’ve done things since the start.

Instead, we have a plain colour jersey with a striking piece of comic book art dominating the front of the design for the chosen characters.


So, Hull will be rocking a Black Panther design, it’s Captain America for Leeds, Wakefield will have Spider-Man on the front of the jersey and Warrington will rock the very non-diminutive Ant-Man.

It’s certainly a different look than previous designs, and in many ways perhaps more challenging, but given that people were complaining about the lack of creativity last season, you can’t blame them for trying – keep an eye on Rugby Shirt Watch for reviews of these jerseys soon.




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