The 2017 offseason saw the end of one of the longest standing partnerships in rugby apparel history – after more than 30 years together, it was revealed that Adidas and Western Province Rugby were parting ways, and that the union would go in-house with its kits from 2018.It was something that went down understandably badly with fans, but now that the results of that first home-made partnership have been with us for a little while, were they right to be worried?

Honestly? A little. Let’s not beat around the bush here, compared to the Adidas designs that the Stormers have rocked over the last few years, there’s something about this that feels a bit ‘early 2000s teamwear catalogue’ – the collar looks like a BLK knockoff, there’s a bit too much going on in the sleeves, and the Stormers crest is just a bit too big.

However, we like the nod to the WP hoops down the side panels, and even though they’re a bit busy, the sleeve motif actually looks quite good.

Own-brand kits generally don’t go that well, but this is actually one of the better efforts we’ve seen – that said, they lack the premium feel and design intelligence of a big brand jersey.



2 thoughts on “Stormers 2018 Super Rugby Home Shirt

  1. Agree, do like the link to WP, without making it to obvious, but maybe could have integrated more of the lightning logo on it as well as some of the other unions colours.


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