It’s all change in State Of Origin this year – we’ve already looked at the New South Wales 2018 jersey, which has seen the Blues move over to Canterbury after a few years with Classic, but things are also changing on the Maroon side of town, too.

Canterbury have had a long relationship with Queensland, but after what feels like years of basically rolling out the same jersey, the Maroons have upped sticks and moved over to ISC Sport.


You can’t say that it hasn’t been needed – for whatever reason the Canterbury Queensland jerseys have felt increasingly stale for the past few season, so it’s good to see a fresh new take on the formula.

Saying that, ISC hasn’t exactly reinvented the wheel here – the tonal pinstripe chevrons that were a key part of the Canterbury design has been tweaked, expanded and moved up the shirt, but otherwise the front of the jersey remains very similar.


There’s also the addition of more gold trim – namely on the sleeve cuffs, bottom hem and collar of the design, and there’s also a new old-school Queensland RL logo on the back of the collar.

Does it look great? Undoubtedly. Does it feel fresher and more interesting than the Canterbury design? Just about. Is it the interesting and bold new take on the Maroons formula that we were hoping for? That, sadly, is a negative. A nice design then, but hopefully something for ISC to build on next year.




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