For the last four years, Canada Rugby have been supplied by fellow North American institution, Under Armour, but 2018 is a year of dramatic change for Canadian rugby, and that also coincides with a brand new kit supplier, too. Canterbury know their onions when it comes to creating classic, clean designs for test match teams, and this new home shirt for Canada is no exception.

It’s something of a tour de force in simple but hugely tasteful jersey designs – there are no gimmicks or needless bells and whistles, just some subtle pinstripes on the chest and some very classy double stripes on the sleeve cuffs and shoulders.


Without doubt, the classy nature of the design is definitely helped by the presence of Canada Rugby’s brand new crest, which replaces the old ‘man running in front of maple leaf’ design that they’ve used since 2003.

There’s a whole lot of marketing nonsense that comes with this logo’s new reveal, but we love the simplicity and boldness of the new one compared to the old one, and it helps elevate this design to a higher level.

Canada haven’t had the best track record with jerseys in their rugby history… quite the opposite… and with that in mind we have no hesitation in saying that this is the nicest shirt Canada have ever had, and one of the best shirts of the year.




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