Argentine Super Rugby team the Jaguares have revealed their brand new Super Rugby home and away jerseys, which the Beunos Aries-based team will wear throughout the 2018 season.

The new shirts continue the Jaguares’ track record of wearing striking black and orange accented designs in each of their Super Rugby season since the team was established in 2016, but this year’s shirts have much more going on than the very clean designs of Nike’s first two efforts.


The two shirts have the same basic design, which consists of loads of irregularly shaped and sized tonal hoops and stripes that cover the front and back of the design – the home shirt offering various shades of black/grey, while the away going for various shades of orange.

Interestingly Nike and the Jaguares have decided to give the jerseys different names – the muted, demure home shirt is ‘laburo’, Argentine slang for work, while the away is called ‘locura’, which depending on your translation means ‘crazy’ or ‘madness’ – summing up the two sides of the none-more exciting Jaguares rather well.

Keep your eyes peeled for our full review of these brand new Jaguares 2018 Super Rugby jerseys from Nike very soon.



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