The Sharks switched from BLK to Canterbury last season and from the off, the brand has been keen to bring the city of Durban to the very heart of what the Sharks are. Last season, they did that with a striking mandala-style design that pulled in loads of different aspects of Durban and wider Natal cultures, but this season they’ve gone even more on the nose with it.


So what we have here is a clean, plain black Sharks jersey (which is notable for its lack of the traditional white this year) but on the bottom half of the jersey, both front and back, we have a stylised sketch that represents one of the most recognisable landmarks in Durban – City Hall.

Other than that rather striking motif, it’s just a plain black shirt, albeit on that does have the same V-shaped grip material we saw on England and Lions shirts of a few years back, but that’s no bad thing when the main motif is so dominant.

All in all, it comes together for a very nice, very classy design – not a classic by any means, but suitably unique and individual.




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