The Highlanders have always been fierce champions of their Celtic associations, and in the last few years they’ve reflected that particular facet of the team culture in their jerseys for the last few seasons, too. Over the last four seasons, the Highlanders home jersey has utilised Celtic band patterns and tartan designs – and the 2017 version sticks the two concepts together.


The bottom half of the shirt has a pattern that’s more overtly tartan than the design we saw on the home shirt, while around the shoulders we have a sublimated pattern Celtic band pattern.

It’s all very subtle and classy, and works well with the yellow on the stripes and the maroon on the sleeve cuffs, and is certainly a great deal more restrained than the away design.


The Celtic band pattern is back in a big way for the change shirt, as it’s sublimated all over the bottom two thirds and top quarter of the front of the design – yet strangely not on the sleeves or across the middle of the chest.

The real kicker, however, is the colours used – the Highlanders are no strangers to brighter shades of green, but this one is practically neon.


It actually works quite well as a colour when set against the dark blue accents, but there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a step too far for many fans.

But some will love its boldness, even if the whole neon colour change shirt thing is getting so common it hardly raises an eyebrow. And for those who don’t, well that home shirt is as clean and classy as you could want.




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