Japanese Super Rugby franchise the Sun Wolves have revealed a new charity jersey that the team will wear during the 2018 season, and as is often the way with the Sunwolves, it’s certainly not for the faint of heart…

The new shirt, which is being dubbed the ‘Aoyama Red’ jersey, uses the same basic template as the current Sunwolves home and away shirts, but in place of the flat colours of the standard shirts we have a striking piece of art created by Kimono designer Uotaro Saito.


Now, Japanese isn’t really our strong suit, but what we can gather from the accompanying press release for these jerseys, the theme of this design is ‘waterfall’ and the image itself depicts the waterfall meeting with the red moon, the symbol of the Sunwolves.

Beyond that… well, if you speak better Japanese than we do, by all means get in touch, and keep an eye out for more Super Rugby jersey news on Rugby Shirt Watch soon.




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