Reigning Super Rugby champions the Crusaders have revealed their brand new home, away and training jerseys that the Canterbury franchise will wear in defence of their title. 

The new home shirt is a classic Crusaders red jersey with black trim, returning to a more classic look after last year’s black-heavy design. However, in typical Adidas style there’s a subtle stylised sword motif on the bottom half of the front section.

The away jersey is a break from the norm of the last few years, being primarily white with red and black trim, while it also sports an interesting stripey silver pattern on the front of the design.

The training jersey is equally leftfield, with the black and hot pink shirt covered in a subtle armour-style motif.

Keep your eyes on Rugby Shirt Watch for our full review of the new Crusaders home and away shirts, and for all the latest news about the New Zealand Super Rugby jerseys from Adidas over the rest of the day.




2 thoughts on “NEWS: Crusaders Rugby launch Adidas Super Rugby 2018 jerseys

  1. im also from south africa and a full on crusaders supporter i would like to ask anyone from the crusaders team to sponser one of the older shirts lol


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