Mizuno has continued its rapid expansion into the Tier 2 international arena by signing up Namibia Rugby, and releasing a pair of brand new kits for the Weltwischas to wear for the next year. 

It’s probably no coincidence that the Japanese firm is tying up deals with smaller nations ahead of the World Cup there in 2019, and Namibia have joined Tonga in the ranks of Mizuno test teams.


Both home and away shirts use the same template with a striking irregular hatched design that runs across the bottom half of the jersey. The pattern is tonal on the traditional blue home shirt, but stands out more on the white change design.

Namibia wore their new change shirt for the first time on the weekend as they fell 52-36 to Uruguay at home, but one things for sure, Mizuno is rapidly making a name for itself as a producer of very cool and individual jerseys for smaller teams.



One thought on “NEWS: Namibia Rugby reveal 2017/18 Mizuno Home & Away Shirts

  1. I am guessing the logo will be different on the supporters version due to Namibia Rugby union policy, which is a shame cause the kit looks great with the eagle logo


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