If you’ve been involved in a local rugby club, you’ll know that getting the right kit for your team can be a bit of a laborious process – picking from the same limited set of templates and colours can make it hard for your club to stand out, but Aussie rugby specialists BLK want to change all that.

The brand new BLK DYO v2 software claims to be a revolutionary way for you to design the kit for your club online, that brings a new level of customisation and creativity to online kit designers. With hundreds of designs and styles to choose from, BLK claims that there are literally billions of potential combinations available, with DYO v2 letting you choose from a wealth of different colours, cuts, fabrics and collars. With an expanded range of colours to choose from as well, there really is no excuse for you not to make your team’s kit truly unique.

So why are we doing an article on this? Well, if you’re visiting this site, chances are you’ve spent some time in your life doodling fantasy kit designs, or even using one of the various online kit creators to do just that – we certainly have!  Simply put, the new BLK kit designer is probably the most fun we’ve ever had with one of these things – it’s super responsive, highly detailed, and the level of customisation available is top drawer. Even if you aren’t designing a kit for your new club, it’s a really fun thing to mess about with.


If you are thinking of ordering gear for your club next season, however, then you really should give this a whirl – in addition to creating great looking bespoke kit, the designer also allows you to create unique training gear and teamwear so that your club truly does stand out from the crowd.

“We were the first to introduce a web based design tool more than 10 years ago,” explains BLK CEO Tyron Brant. “The brief to the team was not to be market leading but to change the game entirely. Being able to work directly with our developers has been an incredible experience. The technology and detail in this platform is unparalleled and will without question be a huge success.”

To have a go on the new BLK kit designer yourself, visit http://bit.ly/1dsEizA


One thought on “BLK Sport introduces powerful new kit designer for rugby clubs

  1. It barely works and the stuff you order looks nothing like the design once it arrives. Colours are wrong, sizes are wrong and the customer service is awful.

    Would never deal with BLK again.


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