Over the last few seasons, Canterbury and the RFU have produced some really interesting and original alternate designs for England to wear – they might not get used that often, but they’re cool nonetheless. This brand new 2017 vintage is no different – this time Canterbury has opted for a dark grey design, and one that echoes the design of the home shirt with a striking fade pattern on the sleeves.


They’ve opted for firey red with a white pinstripe here, however, and that’s a colour that’s echoed on the collar’s strengthening tape.

As with the home shirt, the fade on the sleeves is designed, so says Canterbury anyway, to make it harder for would be tacklers to discern specific aspects of the body… honestly we have no idea if it works but it’s not harming anyone is it?


The shirt itself isn’t plain either – Canterbury has been pushing much more progressive and defiantly modern designs over the last few years, and this one is no different.

The front of the jersey has a striking tonal texture of angular shapes, which are apparently a reference to the distinctive roof of Twickenham stadium – a nice touch on a very nice jersey.


It’s easy for people to grumble about England alternate shirts, and indeed alternate shirts for test teams in general – we get a new one every year, and chances are the senior men’s team wears it once and that’s it.

But that’s sports apparel in 2017 for you – if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but we honestly don’t see a lot of point getting worked up about it. England’s men will wear their new shirt for the first time against Argentina, while the women will wear it for their game against Canada.

Buy the new England alternate shirt at World Rugby Shop




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