Italian side Benetton Rugby Treviso have revealed a brand new European jersey that they will wear for their forthcoming European Rugby Champions Cup campaign. The shirt, which is produced by the team’s new supplier Errea Sport, returns to the theme of orange European shirts that began in 2013 – not at all coincidentally, orange is the main colour of their primary sponsor, Cofiloc…


The main point of interest on this orange shirt is a bit of a weird one – it’s got a map of the world in dark green on the front and back of the design… which is a bit odd for a European jersey, you have to admit.

Even odder, the part of the map that’s most clearly visible on the front shows North and South America… Europe, Africa and Asia are round the back… which is even MORE odd for a shirt that’s going to be worn in, and it feels like we’re labouring the point here but it’s true… the European Cup.

Anyway, it’s quite nice, it’s orange, it makes no sense, but look out for it when Treviso kick off their European campaign in a few weeks.


One thought on “NEWS: Benetton Treviso reveal 2017/18 European Shirt

  1. Looks like they are trying to copy Adidas with their exploded maps concept.

    In fact just putting the tribe etc region on the shirt would have been a good idea, as it would have recognised the support of the region.


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