When it comes to the Rugby League World Cup, it’s always a safe bet to chuck a few quid on the Kangaroos, especially at home, and October’s tournament will be no different. As such it’s fitting that we kick off our RLWC2017 coverage with their latest jersey from Canterbury.

As we’ve said on more than one occasion over the last few years, the Kangaroos jersey is utterly iconic and classic, and as such it’s entirely right that Canterbury hasn’t messed with the formula much over the last few years.


With that in mind, we shouldn’t be surprised that the changes made for rugby league’s global showpiece have been subtle and minimal to say the least – if it wasn’t a dark green jersey with gold double-chevrons, we’d have been amazed.

There are some subtle evolutions, however – Canterbury’s new collar style gives more prominence to the yellow than recent years, for one, and it looks rather nice for it, and of course we have the RLWC2017 badge on the right hand side of the chest.


Sticking this here has meant that the Kangaroos badge has had to be sacrificed, but it’s not gone entirely – round the back a tonal kangaroo-in-Southern-Cross motif has been given prominence at the rear of the shirt.

Let’s not beat around the bush – this is an undeniably lovely, classic, well-thought-out jersey design. It’ll look great on the field and in the stands, and while that’s kinda all that matters for the man on the street, it’s not exactly the most exciting new shirt we’ll see this year!



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