It’s been a rough few years for Toulon – the three-time European Champions haven’t won a trophy in two years despite recruiting heavily as they always do, and threw some good ol’ fashioned coaching turmoil (three in 12 months!) into the mix with it. But they finished last season strong, reaching the Top 14 final and on paper at least having moved on from the madness and disruption of last year (as much as Toulon can move on from such things), so maybe the good times are on the way back to the Stade Felix Mayol?


Last year’s confusion extended to the kits – Toulon for reasons we’re still not entirely sure about decided to wear their black and red away shirt at home instead of the red and black design they were supposed to wear, but this season things are back to normal

The scarlet home shirt doesn’t leave any room for mistaken identity, with the black reserved for a black fade on the bottom of the shirt, accented with pinstripes springing out of it on the front of the design.


Other than that we have splashes of black on the side panels and collar, and mercifully the lily-of-the-valley – a motif that has tarnished several past RCT shirts – is relegated to the sleeve cuffs.

This is an interesting and unique jersey – Hungaria always like to do things a little bit differently to others, and this shirt certainly helps Toulon stand out. It’s a little busy and clumsy in places, however, which stops us from really falling in love with it.




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