The Northampton Saints have had a pretty good track record with jerseys over the last few seasons – the home shirts have been pretty classic and clean, and even the away shirts have generally been quite restrained in their own way. 

One notable exception, was their lime green 13/15 away jersey. Now, in a weird way, we actually kinda liked it, but we were very much in the minority there – and who can blame them really, it was lime green!


Which makes the decision of the Saints to revisit the dayglo shade in even more gaudy fashion for 2017/18 even more baffling – but done it they have, and we’re all going to have to live with the results.

Since they took over the Saints contract last year, Macron’s shirts have shown a keen and clever understanding of how iconic and powerful the club’s famous black, green and gold hoops are, and have incorporated them into every shirt in some way.


Here, however, we really wish they hadn’t bothered – or that they’d at least toned things down a bit. Lime green and black hoops might have actually worked, in a bold and brash kind of way… but throwing yellow in there too? Nope, sorry, ugh.

We try our best to look at shirts for what they are, as opposed to what they aren’t but sometimes a jersey design just really doesn’t work for us. With its weird jagged-edged hoops, horrible colour clashing and nasty primary shade, there’s almost nothing we like about this shirt – a real pity.




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