When the RFU was founded by a meeting of member clubs in 1871, Wasps weren’t present – the most fun reason given for which being that their representative went to the wrong venue and got too smashed to make it to the right one in time – but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re one of the oldest and most storied clubs in England. 

Indeed, like Quins last season, and Bath the season before, Wasps are celebrating their 150th anniversary this season, and just like those clubs, they’re doing so with a pair of special jerseys to mark the occasion.


With Under Armour such a defiantly modern company design-wise, we were never likely to get something as retro and classic as we saw for Quins, for example, but we definitely have something that’s a throwback to the past.

So what we have here is Under Armour’s take on the classic Wasps home shirt – a plain black jersey with a white collar, complete with old-school club crest, which they switched from in 1999.


The same can be said for the away shirt, which flips the black and the white in traditional style, but other than that keeps things identical.

In addition, both sets of jerseys also sport a ‘Wasps Est 150 Years’ motif on the bottom left of the front of the design, and the ‘150’ also makes an appearance in the grip material on the players’ jerseys.


Some people might have wanted Wasps to do something a bit more exciting with these designs – black and gold hoops have been a common suggestion we’ve seen online – but we think UA has pretty much nailed it.

For the bulk of their history, Wasps have worn plain black jerseys with white collars on them, and Under Armour has produced the most retro and classic interpretation of that their design philosophy enables.

We think both shirts looks sleek, classy and understated, while the old-school club crest is an absolute keeper – the club needs to permanently switch back to it immediately!



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