Saracens have never been afraid to try something a little out of the ordinary with their jerseys, but it’s something that BLK was perhaps a little absent with BLK’s first crack at the double Euro champs’ shirts last year, as nice as they were. That spirit of experimentalism does seem to have returned this season, however, and we were suitably impressed with their pinstripey home shirt that we looked at last month.


That theme of being a bit bold and different is echoed in the brand new away jersey, which uses the same basic design as the home shirt, but with the addition of a rather striking shade of lime green into the mix.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen lime green in a change shirt this year, of course, but we can surely all agree that the mix of green, grey and white here is a much more successful blend.


The theme of this year’s shirts is ‘energy’ and once again we see that reflected in the lightning bolt grip material embossed across the front of the design and around the sleeves.

The colour certainly suggests a certain energy, too – though in this case it more resembles the colour of an energy drink that might give you cancer but will definitely keep you up for three days.


Is that a good thing? Well… that does rather depend on your tolerance for defiantly modern and unconventional jersey designs. The colour will put a lot of people off, but we think it actually works quite well – that splash of bright, garish colour is something that can really make a jersey pop, and we think that’s the case here, too.

It’s not as instantly endearing as the home shirt, but frankly that’s quite often the point with change jerseys, and in this case its fulfilled the brief nicely.




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