Edinburgh have had a rough old time of things in the last few years. It’s not just the perennial on-field mediocrity (highest league position in the last five years, eighth, lowest, 10th) that’s been the problem – on the jersey front the club has veered from the dull to the downright ridiculous. But that might be about to change in more ways than one…With Richard Cockerill in charge Edinburgh fans are looking up, and in the jersey stakes… well, would you just look at that home shirt?


Edinburgh have always had the recipe for a great jersey design – black, red and grey colour palette, occasional flirtations with hoops… and yet in recent years they’ve always found a way to stuff it up, but no longer.

Yes, this year Edinburgh have finally knocked it out of the park with a design that combines absolutely everything we could ask for and none of the stuff we hate.


The thick black and grey hoops, the red pinstripes the proper collar – and not a bit of chainmail in sight – it’s pretty much everything we could ask for.

Honestly, this is one of the nicest shirts of the season, and the nicest one that Edinburgh has ever had – and we’re not just saying that because Macron appears to have cribbed our CBRE All Schools design, ahem…


The away jersey isn’t quite as nice as the home shirt, but that would be a rather tough task, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still a lovely shirt – far from it!

So this red away jersey once again has the same nice classic collar, and some tasteful black accents, but the body of the jersey has a striking pattern on it.

Edinburgh18AwaybackIt’s cool and very original – a mix of tonal pinstripes with diagonal tonal stripes mixed in. It’s busy, but classy – and that’s not an easy trick to pull off at all.

Times may or may not be changing for Edinburgh on the field, that will be seen, but there’s no doubt that things have been transformed in the jersey stakes – this might be the nicest jersey combination we’ve seen this year, with the home shirt an absolute standout of loveliness.




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